JyeWin Technology
Established in 2016, JyeWin Technology is the professional agent for Globle/Safety Certification and Electronic Component distribution.

JyeWin Technology is not only providing sales service but also providing technical service for helping customers to complete every single project. JyeWin Technology are also represented for well-known brands of electronics components and aim to 3C markets.

What service and product which JyeWin Technology can provide…
JyeWin Technology is experienced and familiar with below certifications…includes, I.T.E./RF/DNV/Railway/Medical/Military and also can provide Consultant/Testing/Debugging services for all items.

JyeWin Technology can also provide well-known brands of electronics components…includes, Memory, LCD Module, Power ICs, Type C, MOSFET, TVS/ESD products, in order to provide one shop deal service to all customers.